Welcome to West Coast Aquatic’s webcam page!  The west coast has some amazing places and we’ve brought you closer to a few of them with the webcams on this page. Your tax deductible donation or sponsorship will help us bring you more of these webcams and make sure that these beautiful places stay beautiful.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


View from Clutesi Marina, Port Alberni, looking past the Somass Estuary and down the Alberni Canal, Vancouver Island’s longest inlet.

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View of Cox Bay, just outside of Tofino, BC. Cox Bay is one of Canada’s best surf spots and we at West Coast Aquatic are proud to have set up the first surf cam on Canada’s west coast.

West Coast Aquatic would like to thank the Long Beach Lodge for hosting our live webcam, and for their help with the installation and maintenance of the camera.

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View past the boat ramp at Clutesi Marina, Port Alberni, BC, looking up the Somass River — home of Vancouver Island's largest salmon run!

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West Coast Aquatic seeks to produce innovative solutions to coastal concerns, and strengthen the understanding and relationships between parties that share a common interest in the health and wealth of aquatic resources, businesses, and communities. West Coast Aquatic is comprised of: a collaborative governance board that brings together governments, key sectors and communities to develop consensus-based outcomes for marine resources on the West Coast of Vancouver Island; a management association that provides technical and administrative support to the activities of the governance board; and a charitable organization that administers stewardship activities.