Southern Resident Killer Whales - Critical Habitat Designation Proposal

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Parks Canada Agency has initiated a consultation period, open from Sept. 4 2018 to Nov, 3 2018, on the proposal to designate the area from Swiftsure Bank to La Perouse Bank as critical habitat for the southern resident killer whales.

As part of the consultation period, at the encouragement of West Coast Aquatic and MP Gord Johns, two in-community engagement sessions were held on Oct. 3 and 4, in Port Alberni and Ucluelet respectively. Facilitation of the sessions was provided by West Coast Aquatic.

To read the session report, click here.



BC Wild Salmon Advisory Council

On June 15, 2018 Premier John Horgan announced the formation of a new Council tasked with providing guidance on the development of a strategy for “restoring and sustaining BC’s salmon populations.”

On October 11, 2018 the Council released an Options Paper outlining their “first and high-level consideration” of the direction the Province might take towards a “made-in-BC Wild Salmon Strategy”. The Options Paper suggests several strategies organized under three broad goals:

  1. Increase the abundance of wild salmon in BC;
  2. Support and encourage greater community engagement with wild salmon; and
  3. Protect end enhance the economic, social and cultural benefits that accrue to BC communities from wild salmon and other seafood resources.

To form the Options Paper, the Council commissioned several papers from various groups in the province. West Coast Aquatic was asked to write a paper on Increasing Community Engagement in Fisheries Management and Stewardship.

To read the BC Options Paper and WCA’s Community Engagement paper, click the images below:.



Proposed Offshore Pacific Marine Protected Area

A marine protected area off the west coast of Vancouver Island has been proposed to "contribute to the protection and conservation of the unique seafloor features (i.e., seamounts and hydrothermal vents) and the ecosystems they support (DFO).

A multi-interest advisory has been formed to "provide advice regarding the social, economic, cultural and ecological assessment of the Offshore Pacific AOI and will provide input and advice to the Department as it develops regulatory documents for the proposed MPA."

To follow the actions of the Advisory Committee, click here.