“I think the (co-management) approach is absolutely essential to sustainability of the stocks and the interests of the parties.”

West Coast Aquatic facilitates salmon co-management roundtables for several fishery management areas. These roundtables bring commercial, aboriginal, and sport/recreational fishers together with stewardship groups to provide formal advice to Fisheries and Oceans Canada on decisions related to salmon harvest planning and management. The goal of these roundtables is to ensure fishing plans are coordinated and integrated.

“I would like to acknowledge the spirit of cooperation exhibited by all parties. Even when there were conflicts, there always seemed to be an effort to search for solutions.”

 – Area 23 Harvest Committee representatives


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WCVI Roundtables : Collaborating in Aquatic Resource Management

Area 23 Salmon Roundtable
Area 24 Salmon Roundtable
Area 25 Salmon Roundtable
Area 26 Roundtable

West Coast Aquatic believes in the power of what can be achieved when diverse people who are passionate about the west coast of BC - people who make a living from its waters, rely on its health for food, and protect its beauty - are connected with the living landscape that they are a part of.