Management Association

We. Sea. Future.


WE - communities, businesses, governments and researchers working together through good governance.

SEA - a healthy aquatic ecosystem with prosperous and sustainable uses and activities.

FUTURE - leadership in sustainable development through integrated knowledge & planning, innovation & technology, strong values & culture, efficient regulation & compliance, and effective partnerships and projects.


This is the vision of West Coast Aquatic, as articulated by over 700 individuals and organizations during the development of the Coastal Strategy for the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

The Management Association Board is the technical and administrative secretariat of the West Coast Aquatic Governance Board. The Management Board director provides strategic direction to Association staff in carrying out its mission via management projects and initiatives.

Towards this end, our constitution ensures that we:

o   Manage aquatic resources on an ecosystem basis

o   Respect and protect First Nations’ food, social and ceremonial requirements and treaty obligations

o   Support a precautionary approach to aquatic resource management

o   Consolidate information related to different aquatic resource uses and utilization to provide a holistic picture of the health of ecosystems within the management area

o   Integrate expertise and knowledge from First Nations, local, scientific and other sources

o   Ensure opportunities for coastal communities and other persons and bodies affected by aquatic resource management to participate in all aspects of integrated management, protection and restoration of aquatic resources

o   Foster initiatives that maintain or enhance opportunities for coastal communities to access and benefit from local aquatic resources, while achieving sustainable social, cultural, and economic benefits from the integrated management and harvesting of aquatic resources for British Columbians and other Canadians

WAMA is incorporated as a non-profit society in BC.



Board Members

Pat Deakin 2011 President
Odd Grydeland 2008 Vice-President
Jamie Alley 2018 Secretary – Treasurer

West Coast Aquatic believes in the power of what can be achieved when diverse people who are passionate about the west coast of BC - people who make a living from its waters, rely on its health for food, and protect its beauty - are connected with the living landscape that they are a part of.