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We. Sea. Future.


WE - communities, businesses, governments and researchers working together through good governance.

SEA - a healthy aquatic ecosystem with prosperous and sustainable uses and activities.

FUTURE - leadership in sustainable development through integrated knowledge & planning, innovation & technology, strong values & culture, efficient regulation & compliance, and effective partnerships and projects.

This is the vision of West Coast Aquatic, as articulated by over 700 individuals and organizations during the development of the Coastal Strategy for the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

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contributes to vibrant communities, prosperous economies, and sustainable aquatic resources on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

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West Coast Aquatic seeks to produce innovative solutions to coastal concerns, and strengthen the understanding and relationships between parties that share a common interest in the health and wealth of aquatic resources, businesses, and communities. West Coast Aquatic is comprised of: a collaborative governance board that brings together governments, key sectors and communities to develop consensus-based outcomes for marine resources on the West Coast of Vancouver Island; a management association that provides technical and administrative support to the activities of the governance board; and a charitable organization that administers stewardship activities.